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Conveyor Roller Frame
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Conveyor Roller Frame

Hubei Xin Aneng is the professional Conveyor Roller Frame factory in China, We control products quality through raw material procurement system, factory management system, production equipment system, testing equipment system, etc. We mainly provide complete belt conveyor solution and have very strong design and production capabilities.

The Xin Aneng’s Conveyor Roller Frame is composed of brackets, rollers, supports, pins, fuselage, limit blocks and solid parts, etc. The lower end of the support is connected to the end of the fuselage with fasteners. , this support is connected to the deflectable Xin Aneng’s Conveyor Roller Frame using a pin. Its function is to support the weight of rollers, conveyor belts and related goods.

The functions and characteristics of the Xin Aneng’s Conveyor Roller Frame:

1. The Conveyor Roller Frame has a certain radial runout, and the flexibility and axial movement can be adjusted accordingly;

2. The Conveyor Roller Frame provides strong support for the rollers and conveyor belts. Its flexibility is very high, which avoids unnecessary kinetic energy loss. Its friction is small and its service life is long;

3. The Conveyor Roller Frame has certain dust-proof, waterproof and axial load-bearing functions. It has strong impact resistance and long service life. These are the prerequisites for its wide application;

4. There are protruding points on both sides of the roller bracket. This protruding point can effectively prevent the conveyor belt from deflecting, which ensures the balanced and reliable operation of the conveyor belt.

5. The adjustment ability of the roller bracket is also one of its characteristics. It has a simple structure and flexible operation.







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Our factory:

Our company has a comprehensive quality assurance system. Before production begins, we will submit a comprehensive quality assurance plan for this project. This plan includes quality assurance procedures, organizational methods, qualifications of involved personnel, and controls for all activities affecting project quality such as design, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We have dedicated personnel responsible for quality assurance activities.

Our quality assurance plan primarily defines the following points:

1.Inspection and control of equipment;

2.Control of purchased equipment or materials;

3.Control of materials;

4.Control of special processes;

5.On-site construction supervision;

6.Quality witness points and schedules.

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