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EP Conveyor Belt

Xin Aneng is a professional China EP Conveyor Belt manufacturer and supplier, if you are looking for the EP Conveyor Belt with competitive price, consult us now! We never boast about the quality of our products, but the fact that we have partners who have been cooperating with us for over 10, or even more than 20 years speaks volumes. The continued support from our customers says it all.

Polyester conveyor belts are also called EP conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belts, automatic conveyor belts, and cement conveyor belts. They have high modulus, small elongation, good heat resistance, and impact resistance. They are suitable for medium and long distances and longer distances. High discretion, conveying materials under high speed conditions. It is used to transport materials in coal, mining, ports, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry and other fields.

According to the different properties of the covering glue, it is divided into cold-resistant type, acid-resistant type, alkali-resistant type, oil-resistant type, wear-resistant type, etc.

According to different use environments, rubber conveyor belts are divided into (ordinary type, heat-resistant type, flame-retardant type, burning-resistant type, acid-alkali-resistant type, oil-resistant type), heat-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt, acid-alkali resistant type Conveyor belts, oil-resistant conveyor belts and other models. Among them, the minimum thickness of the covering glue on ordinary conveyor belts is 3.0mm, and the minimum thickness of the lower covering glue is 1.5mm; the minimum thickness of the covering glue on heat-resistant conveyor belts, cold-resistant conveyor belts, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts, and oil-resistant conveyor belts is 4.5mm, and the lower covering glue is 4.5mm. The minimum glue is 2.0mm. According to the specific conditions of the use environment, the thickness of the upper and lower covering glue can be increased by 1.5mm.

Cover Rubber Grade





HR150°C,HR180°C,K, S, VT, MOR, OR

Belt Width (mm)






Tensile Strength

CC56,TC70,EP100,EP125,EP150, EP200,,

EP250/2 EP315/3,EP400/3,EP500/3,EP600/3





Top+Bottom Thickness

0+0,0.5+0.5,2+0,3+0,3+1.5, 4+2, 4+1.5,

3/16"+1/16", 1/4"+1/16"

 4+3, 5+1.5,5+2,8+3,

Belt Thickness


Belt Length


Belt Edge Type

Moulded(sealed) edge or cut edge

Advantages of  the EP conveyor belts:

1. High strength, thin belt body and light weight

2. Use EP dipped canvas as skeleton material

3. The belt body is soft, has good troughability and good elasticity

4. Impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance

5. Adapt to larger load capacity, faster speed and medium and long dis

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