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Hubei Xin Aneneng stands behind its standard Ceramic Rubber Pulley with a minimum 5-year warranty. For those seeking premium quality, we encourage you to connect with our seasoned sales team, who can craft a personalized product solution tailored to your exact specifications. Being a proficient ceramic rubber pulley manufacturer,We promise to provide you with the best after-sale support and prompt delivery.

Ceramic Rubber Pulley are a type of roller that combines the advantages of rubber and ceramics. They are mainly used in material conveying systems in mining, steel, electric power, chemical industry and other fields. The following is a detailed introduction to Ceramic Lagging Pulley:

1.Structure and principle: Xin Aneng's Ceramic rubber lagging rollers are made by vulcanizing wear-resistant ceramic sheets with protrusions or grooves into rubber through a hot vulcanization process, or by vulcanizing and molding ceramic rubber with a special adhesive through a cold vulcanization lagging process. The two-in-one plate is directly bonded to the surface of the drum to form a ceramic rubber drum lagging. This structure combines the flexibility of rubber with the wear resistance of ceramics, giving the roller greater wear and impact resistance.

2. Advantages and applications:

(1) Improve wear resistance: Xin Aneng's Ceramic Lagging Pulley can effectively improve the operation of the conveyor system, protect metal rollers from wear, extend the service life of the rollers, and reduce maintenance costs.

(2) Prevent sliding and deviation: The rubber-coated surface of the ceramic rubber plate can increase the surface friction of the rubber plate, prevent sliding friction between the roller and the belt, reduce belt slippage and material adhesion on the roller surface, thereby reducing belt deviation. and wear, improving operating efficiency.

(3) High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance: The ceramic-coated roller has good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and is suitable for various harsh working conditions, such as high temperature and corrosive environments in steel production, and corrosive chemicals in chemical production. Material contact, etc.

(4) Wide applicability: Ceramic Lagging Pulley are suitable for rollers in belt conveyor systems in mining, cement, thermal power, and steel industries, providing higher wear resistance and protection for industrial equipment.

3. Problems and maintenance: Although Xin Aneng's Ceramic Lagging Pulley have many advantages, some problems may still occur during use, such as roller rust, slippage, deviation, etc. Although traditional maintenance methods such as surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc. can solve these problems, they will leave sequelae for the conveyor line. With the development of technology, the repair method of polymer composite materials has gradually become a more complete solution. Its characteristics include super-strength viscosity, excellent compressive strength, and ability to absorb the impact of equipment, etc., which can effectively avoid secondary wear problems.

In general, the ceramic coated pulley is a material conveying equipment component with excellent performance and wide applicability, which is of great significance for improving the operating efficiency of the material conveying system and reducing maintenance costs.

After the drum is assembled, the radial runout tolerance of the outer circle shall comply with the requirements in the table below.






Radial circular runout tolerance

Non-Lagging Pulley Pulley




Lagging Pulley




The pulley bearings are FAG or SKF bearings.

Main technical parameters of the drum-Radial runout of drum outer circle

Tail Bend Pulley



Drive Pulley



Static balance accuracy G40

Our factory:

Our company has a comprehensive quality assurance system. Before production begins, we will submit a comprehensive quality assurance plan for this project. This plan includes quality assurance procedures, organizational methods, qualifications of involved personnel, and controls for all activities affecting project quality such as design, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We have dedicated personnel responsible for quality assurance activities.

Our quality assurance plan primarily defines the following points:

1.Inspection and control of equipment;

2.Control of purchased equipment or materials;

3.Control of materials;

4.Control of special processes;

5.On-site construction supervision;

6.Quality witness points and schedules.

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