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Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame
  • Galvanized Offset Trough Roller FrameGalvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame

Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame

As one of the most famous Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame manufacturers and factories.We control Trough idler Rollers quality through raw material procurement system, factory management system, production equipment system, testing equipment system, etc. We mainly provide complete belt conveyor solution and have very strong design and production capabilities.

The offset galvanized roller bracket is a roller bracket designed to be offset and treated with galvanization. It is mainly used to support rollers in conveyor systems. Here are the details about the bracket:

1. Offset Design: The offset design helps better align the conveyor belt and reduces the risk of material build-up, thereby increasing the efficiency and longevity of the conveyor system.

2. Galvanized coating: Galvanized treatment is to apply a layer of zinc on the surface of the Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame. This layer of zinc can effectively prevent rust and corrosion and significantly extend the service life of the bracket.

3. Durability: Thanks to its combination of offset design and galvanized coating, this bracket is extremely durable and suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments.

4. Low Maintenance: The anti-corrosion properties of galvanized coatings reduce the need for frequent maintenance, saving time and costs.

5. Versatile Applications: This Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame is widely used in a variety of industries including mining, construction, manufacturing and logistics to provide reliable and sturdy conveyor belt support.

6. Enhanced performance: Using Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame can significantly improve the performance and reliability of your conveyor system while reducing maintenance efforts and associated costs.







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By using this Galvanized Offset Trough Roller Frame, you can ensure that the conveyor system can still operate stably in harsh environments, while reducing maintenance and downtime and improving overall production efficiency.

Our factory:

Our company has a comprehensive quality assurance system. Before production begins, we will submit a comprehensive quality assurance plan for this project. This plan includes quality assurance procedures, organizational methods, qualifications of involved personnel, and controls for all activities affecting project quality such as design, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We have dedicated personnel responsible for quality assurance activities.

Our quality assurance plan primarily defines the following points:

1.Inspection and control of equipment;

2.Control of purchased equipment or materials;

3.Control of materials;

4.Control of special processes;

5.On-site construction supervision;

6.Quality witness points and schedules.

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