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Return ldler Roller

Hubei Xin Aneng's Return ldler Roller guarantees 30,000 hours in normal working conditions. We can meet your higher-quality requirements by using better raw materials, bearings, and seals in production. Our quality control is not only reflected in the design but also in the procurement of raw materials, the skills and quality training of workers, the accuracy of production equipment, etc. By providing high-quality products and services, we hope to grow together with our customers and benefit the users of our partners.

Return ldler Roller that support the return branch of the conveyor belt. They are fixed underneath the conveyor belt, corresponding to the drive rollers. Their main function is to support the return portion of the belt, transporting materials from the discharge point to the loading point, thus facilitating the circulation of materials.

Return idlers reduce the sliding friction coefficient of the conveyor belt, allowing it to operate smoothly and reliably. They also help control the bending vibration of the belt. In a conveyor belt system, return idlers support the return portion of the belt, maintaining its stability and balance during transportation. This effectively reduces fluctuations and deformations of the belt, ensuring smooth and reliable material transport.

XAN has various types of return idlers, including ordinary return idlers, cushioned return idlers, and automatic aligning return idlers. Ordinary return idlers have a simple structure and easy installation but have a shorter lifespan. Cushioned return idlers can absorb return impacts and vibrations, reducing the impact on the conveyor and extending their lifespan. Automatic aligning return idlers can automatically adjust according to the direction of belt movement, effectively preventing belt deviation and misalignment during operation, thereby enhancing the stability of the conveyor.

Return Idler Rollers advantage:

1. Improve the operation of the conveyor belt

The Return Idler Roller can help the conveyor belt of the conveyor system to run more smoothly and stably, reduce the friction resistance and wear of the conveyor belt, and reduce the maintenance cost of the conveyor belt.

2. Improve conveying efficiency

The Return Idler Roller can greatly improve the conveying speed and efficiency, and reduce the time and cost of material transportation.

3. Enhance conveying safety

The Return Idler Rollers can improve the running stability and balance of the conveyor belt, and reduce the risk of accidents caused by the conveyor belt due to loss of control.

托辊直径mm 托辊长度(管长)mm 轴承号
89 180、190、200、235、240、250、275、280、305、215、350、375、380、455、

108 190、200、240、250、305、315、360、375、380、455、465、525、530、600、

204 205 305 306
133 305、375、380、455、465、525、530、600、670、700、750、790、800、900、

205 305 306
159 375、380、455、465、525、530、600、700、750、790、800、900、1000、1050、


305 306 308
193.7 2200、2500、2800、3000、3150、3350 308 310
217 600、640、1050、1120、1600、1700、3150、3350、 308 310

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